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1:1 Professional Coaching Session

Welcome to Color Code® Personality Science, the most accurate, comprehensive & easy-to-use personality tool you’ll ever take on yourself. Other profiles are typically behavior-based (what you do), while the Color Code© Assessment results address your driving core motive (why you do it).

Discover YOUR Unique

Color Code® Results & Core Motive!

  • Elevate your self-awareness & Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • Begin to see yourself, others & your circumstances in a whole new light
  • Learn why personality & IQ are fixed EQ & Prosperity IQ (P-IQ)® are expandable

I’m Gloria Manchester, Your Life & Prosperity-Building Coach™ on this platform.

In our hour together, I will deconstruct your Color Code® Assessment results to support you in gaining a new understanding of why you do what you do & why it’ll experience a new outlook of yourself, your relationships & your life.

Here’s more of what you’ll learn in an hour...

  • Why others respond or react to you the way they do
  • How communicating from knowing yourself & others on a deeper level can attract & sustain more enriching relationships
  • How to set a clear intention by declaring your unique strengths & limiting your ‘not enough’ beliefs ingrained from childhood (we all have a shadow story) to elevate your life
  • Personal empowerment is good for you, your relationships & your career
  • This powerful hour with me as your coach can enlighten you to initiate ~ changing your story & your life.

Unlock the Relationship Puzzle...

For You

By understanding your own innate personality traits, you’ll discover why some things upset you & other things don’t? What is your innate driving core motive? What is it that creates conflict in your personal or professional life? How can you experience more peace & joy? By being authentic at your core & in your innate nature, you’ll draw others closer. By embracing who you are at your core, you’ll influence others in a more positive & meaningful way.

For Relationships and Family

Developing & elevating close personal & family relationships will unlock your communication. Once you discover your own driving motive, you’ll begin to understand the motives of others as to why they do what they do. Red, Blue, White & Yellow, each has its own motive that drives behavior.

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