"We believe empowered women are the tipping point of peace and prosperity in the world today."

Imagine, with your journal in hand, a small investment & only a few weeks of your life, you can create a transforming future for yourself...despite any challenges you're facing today. The Wisdom in ME is not just 'a journal'! Its companion live courses are coach-facilitated journeys focusing on the personal thoughts & insights you discover as you move through this enlightening & energizing process. Together, they will empower you to move from where you are now to where you deserve to be in your life. We invite you to bring your BIG dreams & aspirations!


Take a moment to imagine a coach-facilitated virtual life course to awaken the WISDOM within you, empowering yourself to thrive in your health, career, relationships & finances...no matter where you stand today! And, as you begin to reinvent yourself, join us in becoming an ambassador for peace & prosperity for other women.


Rediscovering your authentic self starts by reconnecting with your innocence & childhood spirit. Little girls with dreams become women with vision! The future belongs to the beauty of your dreams! Get inspired to join us with your BIG dreams & aspirations! What would you dream and achieve if you believed you could not fail?


There's never been anything like this! You'll be working on your personal journal with a series of mindful exercises, meditations & strategies, then coming together with other women monthly to our Prosperity Mastermind™ & taking an opportunity to join our PQ POD weekly to tap into your mental SUPERPOWERS.

Tap into your inner wisdom & activate your innate strengths!

The Wisdom in ME Journey is for you if you’re ready to start....

  • Trusting your insights & inner wisdom

  • Making positive changes with professional strategies & support

  • Practicing sustainable self-care for a well-balanced life

  • Activating your dreams & goals

  • Participating in a community to build a network of support with other like-minded women

  • Unleashing your Prosperity SUPERPOWER™

  • Becoming an ambassador for other women to do the same

Your Authors & Professional Coaches

"The Wisdom in ME is our legacy life course encompassing the work we’ve successfully done with women over many years, along with new disciplines we’ve added from ongoing certifications & our own personal growth experiences."

Personal Growth Bundled Package with Live Sessions


We want you to achieve your BIG dreams so we're making this offer...

After purchasing your journal, you'll receive $100 coupon to take advantage of the opportunity to participate in two live courses, as a companion to the journal, to take your journey to the next highest level in your life.

This journey is about awakening your mind, tapping into your inner WISDOM, activating your goals & dreams & becoming an ambassador for other women to do the same.

What Secrets Will You Discover to Begin Training Your Brain to WIN?

Through these live courses you’ll discover the true value in...

  • Resetting your mindset to forge new strategies for personal growth

  • Building alliances to support you in achieving your dreams & goals

  • Enriching your relationships

  • Celebrating your wins & sharing them with others

  • Writing a victory chapter in your story & propelling your life forward

  • Accessing a cellphone app for your daily mental fitness

  • Training your brain to WIN




"At 17 I began my transformative journey, by participating in an empowerment program for abused teen girls called STARR, produced by Gloria & Rose. STARR is where I first heard the language of the heart with many messages of healing. I could finally tell myself, I am safe. I am enough. I am worthy. As an ambassador for women, I’m recommending you experience this journey, these amazing legacy courses from two dedicated & caring women, to take back your power & recharge your life. I don't know where I would be without having experienced this work."



“In 2018, I was looking for the Dream Letter I wrote in Gloria & Rose's live Partner in Excellence (PIE) Course. I hadn’t read it again after writing it. I was astonished when I discovered I accomplished 80% of what I declared around my goals. When you write your Dream Letter, as you will from the journal; be prepared to get what you say you want! It’s a neuroscience process that works even if you don’t keep it in sight. Imagine what I could have achieved if I’d been reading it every day for a year? It's such an empowering exercise!"

Join our Prosperity Mastermind™ Community!

And there’s so much more opportunity...

Prosperity is women embracing a healthy, meaningful & thriving life!

Participation in our empowering live Prosperity Mastermind™ once a month on ZOOM (3 sessions over 2 months with weekly messaging) will greatly inform & reinforce the personal work you’re doing in your journal.

Prosperity is more than simply making more money. You'll also experience professional coaching to further explore how to accelerate your goals, achieve emotional mastery, physical health & vitality, enriched relationships as well as financial security.

The Prosperity Mastermind™ community sessions are where you can fully declare the empowered woman you are striving to become.

Although the monthly sessions will be recorded, participating in the live sessions produce the biggest wins. Look for our text & email notifications weekly.




"I began my prosperity journey when I took Gloria’s New Money Story® online course. I subsequently joined her to help build a coaching platform for women to thrive. I was so energized after committing to my own new money story, I’ve since taken a position with Positive Intelligence in their corporate division. I know the work I did in my own coach training & my time with Gloria brought me to where I am today. My life is full!"



“I feel so strongly about the experiential work I did for myself in PIE, that I enrolled my sister, my niece, & a few friends. My daughter also participated in STARR for teens. I am living my vision of supporting women in becoming emotionally & physically healthy…in spite of what happened to them. As a result, I am passionate about the future & I am committed to making a significant difference in women's lives.”

Does Your Mental Fitness Need a Boost?

Positive Intelligence© (PQ) - On this journey, you’ll be introduced to the universal JUDGE Saboteur. Through participation in this life course, you'll also be given an opportunity to meet your accomplice saboteurs by taking the Saboteur Assessment & joining our Positive Intelligence© Mental Fitness POD, complete with their exclusive PQ phone App*. By participating in this POD, you'll soon discover how your mind can be your worst enemy, harboring characters that actively sabotage your success and well-being. These saboteurs can be identified and weakened

Your brain is a muscle that can be developed to supercharge its wisdom & potential. Over 6 weeks in the POD, while also using the phone app for just a few minutes a day, you'll be inspired to consciously access your untapped mental powers. This mental fitness practice will substantially expand the work you do in the journal and the Prosperity Mastermind™ community...& in your life.

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