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RE-The Wisdom in Rethinking Your Life eBook

RE is a #1 Amazon Bestselling Self-Improvement Book to Empower Women 

It was written as a self-improvement book addressing the struggles many of us have experienced. Eight women share their real-life experiences in this book, describing how they overcame abuse, conflict, financial failure or life-threatening illness to tell their stories courageously & authentically.  

The emotional thread that runs through every story is The Heart in Forgiveness™. To begin to heal, each woman had to let go and make a choice to forgive, whether it was a parent, primary relationship, friend, or herself.  

The authors provide various personal growth exercises in RE, taken from their live course called Partner in Excellence (PIE), Life & Leadership Course for Women. RE is a do-over guide, A GPS for re-inventing ourselves. We all have our stories. Real shift happens when we’re willing to do what it takes to reclaim our hearts to narrate or write a new thriving life story. 

A quote from Oprah, “Forgiveness is giving up the hope that the past could have been any different.”    

John Gray, PhD author of the most well-known & trusted relationship book of all time, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, in his endorsement said, “RE is an inspirational book to help any woman redefine herself and her relationships in a healthier way.”  

  • The Stories 
  • ​The Heart in Forgiveness™ 
  • ​A Mindful Me Is a Healthy Me
  • ​A Strategic Plan for a Healthier Lifestyle
  • ​Breakdown – Breakthrough
  • ​Achieving Your Goals and Living Your Dreams 

Yours For Just $12.95 


Who is this for? Women who are ready to grow emotionally to narrate or write a renewed thriving life story.

"I use the tools that I learned from this book every day. As a result, I have taken some giant leaps, achieved big goals and healed personal relationships. ‘RE…’ is an extension of the work the authors have been doing for several years through the personal growth courses - PIE for women and STARR for teens. The book is a very empowering process you can personally do for yourself".

~ Beth Caldwell, Author & Founder of Pittsburgh Professional Women (PPW)

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